Story of Friendship, Love, Family & Learning to Let Go of Those You Love

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I Was Here - Gayle Forman

I was Here is written by Gayle Forman. I have actually never read any of her work in the past but after reading this book I definitely plan to read more of her work in the future. 


The type of story written about Cody and Meg is something I am familiar with. I struggled to actually start reading this book because I knew it would be difficult because of what it represents for me.


Meg, Cody's best friend has just committed suicide. Everyone in their small town, Meg's family and friends and even Meg's new university roommates are shocked that she would do something so devastatingly final. Throughout the book Cody tries to make sense of why her vivacious, happy-go-lucky, full of life best friend would commit suicide. And also why Meg didn't talk to her. It doesn't help that may of the small town folks make many narrow minded and very hurtful comments about Meg and her family and even about Cody. 


Cody struggles to believe that Meg made the choice and searches for answers as to who pushed Meg into killing herself. As she pieces together Meg's last months, Cody meets Meg's roommates, friends, and love interest, Ben. Everyone she meets paints a picture of Meg that doesn't make any sense to Cody. More mystery.


The book, as I have said is a hard-hitting subject for me because my best friend committed suicide 2 years ago. He struggled with life and I blamed myself for quite a while after. I really felt connected to Cody in the story because she also blamed herself for not seeing it and not being there for Meg when she needed her.


When my best friend died I struggled to believe that one as full of life and so happy could take their own life. I had also struggled with suicide and depression very early in life and when I told Ben, my best friend of my struggles he told me I could always talk to him and suicide should never be an option when I had him. It was horrifying later on to find out he had struggled with the same demons and had not talked to me and instead took his own life. I, of course blamed myself for not seeing it just like Cody did with Meg.


I won't give away the ending to the book but Forman does a superb job of tying up loose ends and ending it in a way that will have you in tears, both happy and sad.


Check out I Was Here by Gayle Forman.