I Never Thought My Fandom Feelings Could Ever Be Put Into Words!

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell

I had seen this book around for a while and had heard that it was well liked by plenty of people. I was skeptical that I would like it since it just wasn't something I thought I would like or even be able to get through.


Reading the back of the book I didn't think anyone could ever put into words or really convey how much some characters, stories or fandoms really effect someones life. 


I have lived in a small town for a majority of my life and have had little interaction with people who felt the way I did about the happening in books. For example, Harry Potter was given to me when I was eleven and that was a time in my life that was probably the most difficult for me. I was bullied and my home life wasn't really ideal either.


I realized that later on in life (25 years old and still Harry Potter obsessed) that Harry Potter was a role model for me in more ways than one. He was who I wanted to be. Someone who had friends and was loyal and brave. Who kept going even in the face of devastating loss and heartache. That he tried to remain who he was when people told him he had to be something else.



That is where Fangirl comes in.


I was just... there are no words to explain how this book made me feel. To anyone who has loved or been obsessed with a book or fandom or characters life, they just are so invested in this fictional world that it is a way to escape to let go of their lives even for just a short time, through words. This book is what put that feeling into context, into words on pages in a story. 


Even after finishing Fangirl I still feel the overwhelming emotional roller coaster ride it put me through.


All I can say is that after reading it, I wanted to re-read the whole Harry Potter series just to relive the feelings of when I was a little girl again.


That is what reading this book gave to me. The nostalgic feeling of when characters that effected me so deeply they shaped my life in ways I'm still learning about and also because even when I'm older they will always be there to remind me I'm not alone.